Your customers expect to be comfortable while doing business, but we understand that you need to protect your bottom line.  At Berkeley Heating and Cooling, we are sensitive to both the needs of your customers and your bottom line.  No matter what type of heating you have for your business, we can provide commercial heating services ensuring your customers and employees are happy and comfortable.


When the health of your building occupants depends on reputable AC services, depend on the best. We specialize in providing the best quality commercial air conditioning.  We also offer commercial refrigeration solutions. We can either service your current unit or we can custom design and build a solution to suit your needs.

Air Quality

Your customers and employees deserve the best. Filter out dangerous airborne particles such as:, VOCs, smoke, bacteria, allergens, fine dust, molds and pollen.  We have the ability to find that sweet spot between power consumption and air quality. With proper installation our air cleaning systems can significantly impact your indoor air quality, even removing odors from outside air before it enters your HVAC system.

System Clean and Check

As a business, you rely heavily on your HVAC System. Having a planned maintenance schedule can help you to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs. Refrigeration units, heaters and Air Conditioners all have belts and filters that require regular maintenance that can help avoid mechanical failure. These units, also have many parts that require periodic maintenance such as inspection, adjustment, cleaning and sometimes replacement in order to keep them in good working order.

Getting regular maintenance on your commercial HVAC unit can often times prevent unexpected failure as well as result in long term savings.

Commercial Refrigeration

When it comes to business food products, safety and freshness can make all the difference. Our customers do not need to choose between efficiency and performance, we can both calibrate them to its maximum potential. We offer a solution for every application: cabinet accessories, remote monitoring services, turnkey solutions and maintenance agreements. All of these can help reduce your operating costs and improve quality and safety.

We will work to leverage the best the industry has to offer, ensuring you get the best, no matter how big or small the volume of goods you have. We have a unit to meet your needs, systems include:

  • Service counters
  • Vertical freezers
  • Plug-in cabinets
  • Refrigeration systems and controls

For any questions or concerns about our installations or maintenance options, give our friendly team a call today!