Commercial HVAC

COMMERCIAL HVAC Repair in Rochester, NY

Rochester Commercial Heating and AC installation

As a business owner, you look to get the most out of your investments. When it comes to getting a new heating or air conditioning system, one of the best ways to make sure that your new HVAC equipment works well is to have it installed by a professional contractor. Contact the Rochester commercial HVAC installation and replacement technicians at Berkeley Heating & Cooling.

Rochester Commercial Boiler Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Commercial boilers are a great way to ensure comfortable and efficient heating for your business—but they need to be installed and repaired by an experienced professional. Contact the Rochester commercial boiler installation, repair, and maintenance specialists at Berkeley Heating & Cooling. We have over 20 years of experience offering quality services to businesses throughout the Rochester area. We can help you select a new boiler and install it, or repair any kind of problem that you might be having.


Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner or Ptac is most commonly found in hotel rooms but are often seen in condos small offices and many hospitality situations.

PTAC is basically a self-contained, single room unit. They are often installed in an exterior wall saving valuable window space. With a modern Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner unit you will have the ability to both heat and cool space.


In the commercial HVAC industry, the rooftop packaged unit, also known as RTU is extremely common. These large roof top units are best for heating larger spaces.   In some cases however, rooftop units have been used with great success in residential applications.  Much like a furnace this unit will still require duct work as well as a power supply and the addition of a drain pipe.

You can save valuable indoor space by converting to a RTU, and today’s modern RTUs are extremely efficient since the scroll compressor is 30% smaller and 10% lighter than many conventional reciprocating compressors. Don’t give up comfort, it is still possible to have a multi-zone arrangement. The added bonus is these units are equipped with heat and cool functions.

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