Heated Sidewalks & Driveways


How does it work?

Heating mats and cables are tied to a rebar mesh under asphalt or concrete, or laid in a sand base before laying pavers. The mats can be designed and laid out to any shape and will be connected to an automatic controller. The outdoor controller detects when snow is falling and brings the surface area to a snow melting temperature (40-45F). Equipped to detect temperature variations and moisture in the air and ground, the control unit turns on the snow-melting system only when necessary. This feature ensures not only safety, but efficiency as well.

Advantages of Snow and Ice Melting Systems

Our snow and ice melting systems are maintenance free and are safe to use year-round on exterior slabs. Ice and snow melting systems may be installed into new concrete slabs.They prevent damage to concrete caused by snow removal equipment and the corrosive nature of snow melting chemicals. They also eliminate the need to plow and shovel, thereby saving a considerable amount of time, hassle and money.

Heated sidewalks by Berkeley Heating and Cooling Rochester, NY
Heated driveways by Berkeley Heating and Cooling Rochester, NY

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