Heating Repair & Installation

Furnaces & Heating Pump Maintenance in Rochester, NY

Almost everyone reading this will know what a furnace is, whether you have a natural gas, propane or other fuel source furnace, we can service it.

Your furnace is one of the only things in your house that can alone affect your comfort. Whether you need a new furnace, your furnace has stopped working and you need emergency service or you just want your existing furnace inspected and properly maintained, Berkeley Heating & Cooling is your best bet.

Modern furnace components
The components of a natural gas or propane fired forced air furnace can be divided into three categories.

  • The burners, heat exchanger, draft inducer, and venting.
  • The controls and safety devices.
  • The blower and air movement.

We service all major brands of furnaces for both residential and commercial applications. Get the best furnace service Rochester, NY has to offer.

Boiler Repair & Installation Rochester, NY

Boilers use heat, water and steam to transfer warmth to the rooms of your house generally through radiators. As a heat source this method is very efficient, but it can be very dangerous if the system is not working properly.  Ensure the safety and comfort of your family by having your boiler properly maintained.

Berkeley Heating and Cooling can also install a new high efficiency boiler in your home, bringing your heating into the 21st century. We can also improve efficiency of your current boiler by upgrading your radiators to newer more efficient boilers.

In Floor Radiant Heat

Although it has been around for a while radiant floor heating is becoming more economically feasible. Not only has the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) shown that these systems can heat to the same comfort level with a lower set temperature, but having a nice warm floor to walk around on is a luxury that you can now afford.

There is an added bonus of this system that results in cost savings, humidification is not necessary since this heat source does not affect the air moisture like traditional heat sources.

Give us a call and we can show you how your life can be improved with in floor radiant heat: 585-943-2589.

Traditional Heat Pumps

In the olden days we needed two devices to heat and cool a space, but today we have heat pumps which can handle both tasks, often at low costs. As you can imagine one unit to do both and it costs less to run is very popular. According to a government estimate, “one in three new American houses uses a heat pump”

Speaking generally, a heat pump is really just a glorified air conditioner that can run in reverse. When its hot, it acts like your current AC unit and when its cooler, it collects heat from outside your home and brings it inside. This may seem crazy, collecting heat from cold air but an air conditioner does just the opposite in the summer and collects cool air in the heat.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to answer any and all inquiries, so give us a call at 585-943-2589.